The Hype was released by Hoodie Allen in September 2017. Hoodie Allen is a household name in hip hop, as he has created lots of well known hits over the years; such as "No Interruption," "You Are Not a Robot," and more. Following the success of multiple mixtapes and albums, there has been pressure on Hoodie in creating this album. The Hype has exceeded all expectations and blew everyone away. Hoodie manages to experiment with different genres and sounds on the album yet makes it cohesive and flow well.

          The album features talented artists including Scott Hoying, Wale, State Champs, and Goody Grace. For most albums, it's always the singles and one or two collabs that are people's favorites. However this album is an exception. With such a wide range of sounds, from slow emotional songs, to punk rock, pop and rap, there definitely isn't a consensus on the fans' top favorites.     

I thought that it'd be impossible for Hoodie Allen to make another classic and timeless album yet he's done it again. You can stream The Hype on all music platforms, and he is currently on tour! Check to see if he's coming to a city near you.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think about Hoodie and his music!

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