Hoodie Allen is truly a king of the fans. He is always doing the most and looking out for them. On The Hype Tour, each city had  its  own unique setlist that was voted upon by fans. On top of that, he also gave out a number that fans can reach him via that he personally responds to when he has time. Hoodie's been doing things like this for  years and it makes me appreciate his dedication to his own fan base.

          Hoodie not only has a strong social media presence, he is also very interactive at his shows. From crowd rafting, letting fans rap, to performing in the back of the venue, he does it all. Being a great performer on top of a great person is what keeps bringing fans back. He gives his shows his all, and holds nothing back. The energy is contagious and you're bound to have the night to remember. 

          The Hype, his latest album, is very wholesome with a variety of sounds that somehow remain cohesive as an entirety. I strongly recommend giving it a chance if you have time!

The Hype is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other music platforms.

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